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About us...​​​​​
Max Moto Art was born from' inspiration of  motorcycle enthusiasts. Our service is - graphic design and application ​for auto, motobike, scooter, helmet,
              - creating and printing​​ ​images on T-shirts, polo, sweatshirt;
​              - accessories covered​​ ​in carbon fiber, gadget etc.​


      your bike,    
​   car  or helmet!


We offer quality graphics using the highest quality materials at all times, tested to breaking point and beyond. We're involved in the sport, we use our graphics on our own bikes too! Browse our gallery, see the fit and surface quality, there's nothing else like it.​

Max Moto Art offer full custom design service. We can create any design and new graphics for your bike, helmet, auto ecc. If you have idea of design, or from another bike, please send pictures and we will do it for you!
Please supply ALL details in one email: Information on design of kit, details regarding logos, information regarding numbers and names you would like on the kit, background colors and etc.
Costs on custom vary depending on what's required, just email us for an exact price with all details required as listed above.


We draw images (with freehand drawing) of bikes and riders, sports, martial arts and much more and we print it on  t-shirts, polo, sweatshirts etc. And also  we can customize any graphics and any image style. ALL of the images represented on our clothing lines are printable on SWEATSHIRTS, POLO e T-SHIRTs of various colors!
Please contact us by email!
The price of the tshirt from our collection is 17 euros, sweatshirt is 32 euros. The price on custom (personalized) tshirt is from 22 euros, sweatshirt – from 37 euros, just email us for an exact price with all details required.
We print only on T-shirts and sweatshirts of high quality! (100 % cottone)
Browse our photo gallery to get an idea of our t-shirts and sweatshirts​
Wrapping your car and bike actually benefits the original paintwork in a number of ways. Firstly, it helps to thoroughly protect and preserve it from the weather conditions, keeping environmental contaminants away, provides a protective barrier against rock and stone chips, which can easily damage paintwork and lead to rust formation. It also acts as a barrier against the sun strong UV rays, which can oxidize and fade your paintwork. And last, instead of your paintwork being inflicted with scuffs, swirls marks and light scratches over time, the vinyl will instead take the brunt of these, being completely eliminated when the wrap is removed.

We send all our packages via the postal network unless you request otherwise.
The price of the shipping and delivery throughout Europe is from 17 euro (cost depends on the weight of the parcel) 
As a guide only: Delivery throughout Europe is 5-7 days​
We accept credit card and Paypal payments  
Contact us by e-mail @​ maxmotoart@hotmail.com or facebook 
We will always communicate personally and fast! ​


Please feel free to contact us for any questions. We look forward to serving your requirements.
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